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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
11:33 am
not inactive, honest
We will do another release one of these decades. Honest.
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
12:00 am
What is MusicMUD?
MusicMUD is, rather unsurprisingly, a MUD codebase. It is a spinoff from the Cryosphere project.

Cryosphere started in 1997 and is a distinctly British science fiction MUD. Influences include Elite II: Frontier, 2300 AD, and Babylon 5. The mud is similar in nature to advanced dirt (Aber IVs) and so therefore has extremely powerful hook facilities for creating puzzles. It is less hot for combat, but we are getting there.

MusicMUD is under the GNU GPL, but the Cryosphere zones etc aren't. Notable features of MusicMUD are

  • very powerful lua based scripting. not only can triggers and timers on objects and NPCs be written in lua and effectively do anything, but new commands can be defined at runtime in lua
  • builtin support for keyword based responses on NPCs (the Cryosphere makes extensive use of this - every non-hostile NPC has several different responses)
  • very good terminal and telnet handling - we support MCCP and MXP and even like SSL-over-telnet and Unicode
  • good object-handling commands. you can type "drop all but two daggers" and have it do what you expect.
  • good output routines. if you do type that, you may be told that "You drop a die, a dagger, three knives, and a bar of chocolate", all in one line.

Future aims for the project are rather openended - we want to see the codebase adopted by succesful muds other than Cryosphere, and to have a life outside of it. In order to do this it seems we may need to make building much easier.
12:11 am
It's now been a long time since the last musicmud public release (nearly two years in fact!). Then, releases were being driven by the fact that Code Base was in development and feeding stuff back to the main tree, and also another mud was possibly in development. Since those these projects seem to have died somewhat, we haven't made a release in a while.

We do need to make another release soon, and are planning for it to be a much better one than the previous ones. ellyll is composing a much better demonstration zone. Internally, we are hoping to seperate the cvs trees for musicmud and cryosphere so actually making a musicmud release involves nothing more than checking out cvs and typing "make dist".

Apart from the benevolence involved in the release, we want people to actually use it for real live muds eventually, and start getting fixes and new features that way. And now I've played a mud that is as good as the Cryosphere, I want to play other muds like it. So what can we do to encourage new musicmuds to be set up? If we leave it on freshmeat it is likely that nobody will touch it. I guess the Cryosphere being a very hard, puzzle-based mud doesn't exactly help its uptake, though this is not going to change soon. Maybe the time for new mud codebases being established is over.
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